bngsphillyAlright, so I’m completely stoked to start this dev blog.

Sure, everyone does one, but this rifle is mine. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

When I first got big-house published (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), I kept a blog just to have a series of glimpses — like flip-page stick art — that I could go back and read. It’s here:

Video games always seemed like a big mountain to climb. Yeah, I used to work for a vendor, I know consoles, and I know tech, and I’ve been in digital media since it started…

But it was always going to have to be a collaboration. Even after I started messing with Unreal a few years ago, it still seemed like it was going to be hard to do a good job without a lot of help.

Enter Unity. And Fungus. And I’ve got some ways of using them together than no one has tested out yet.

I’m going to take the interactive novel and shove a big syringe full of dopamine in its veins and see if I A) come up with pure game trash or B) come up with something that makes your brain ache in ways it hasn’t before.

Thanks for the rifle.