Author site visitors from 12 states in the last 30 days

Stardate 8am with 2 cups of coffee and pounding onshore surf…

I knew I was going to do this. I guess I just miss playing Risk. And Sid Meier’s early stuff.

When I got published, I began keeping track of where my author site visitors came from. It means nothing, it’s just a high score. The peak number of states was 34, but it dropped as book sales declined.


I also have/had a twitter account, and while I really tried to build it for the first couple months, I peaked at 127 followers.

CURRENT GAME: I’ve been “devving” publicly for a week, and here’s how it compares:

(And I gotta admit, this is WAY more fun. #Screenshotsaturday was a blast, the art out there is stunning.)


Dev site visitors from 3 states in the last 7 days



Quatloo Twitter