gonzosj2It’s 1984, and Hot Dog: The Movie had an existential impact on your life.

See, you were there, cheering for Harkin and cursing Rudy Garmisch. As a cub reporter for the Squaw Valley Times, that Chinese Downhill would launch your career as one of America’s most beloved couch-surfing, ramen-snorking ski writers.

Can you beat the system and earn — hold your breath — $1,000 dollars over the course of your career? It’s never been done, but maybe you have the skills, and the liver, to beat the man at his own game.

Spanning decades, Olympic events, real or imagined (hallucinated) conflicts, enjoy this narrative romp and challenging puzzle through our culture and our idiocy.

See if you can avoid selling out to corporate weasels and enter the Ski Writer Hall of Fame — (there is no such thing) — with a few bucks in your pocket.

In development, expected launch: Winter 2016.

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